pic-comedy-of-errors400: The Shakespeare Feast

at The Memphis Hunt and Polo Club
650 S. Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Herstein by the Miriam and Ernest Kelly Charitable Fund
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Joseph Casserly by Pat and Ernest Kelly

Host Members: Margaret and Owen Tabor

Join us for dinner, drinks, and Shakespeare from page to stage as we commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s passing.   Six brief play readings preceded by a special buffet dinner/brunch at the historic and elegant Memphis Hunt & Polo Club.  Some of your favorite TSC actors return to the Club stage to act the plays from Shakespeare’s First Folio.  The cash bar will be open.  Your inclusive ticket (except for bar) is $57.  Attire: business casual/cocktail.


The Comedy of Errors

directed by Stephanie Shine
Sunday, November 8
12:00-3:30 pm with brunch buffet

“There is something in the wind”

It’s one of his earliest, perhaps his most riotous, and by far his shortest play.  Shakespeare pilfered the tale of two sets of twins who, estranged in different lands after a shipwreck in their infancy, find themselves in close physical proximity to one another again after all these years.  There are servant twins as well as master twins.  Oh, and they are identical (at least to everyone on stage).  

The wildness of the commedia elements is beautifully balanced with pleasing rhyming couplets, a delightful rhythm, and a family restoration that is undeniably heartening.