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TSC and Shelby Farms Park Pilot Season a Success

In 2011 Tennessee Shakespeare Company entered into a five-year Agreement with Shelby Farms Park Conservancy to preserve, pilot, and produce a professional, outdoor “Shakespeare in the Park” series. 

During the summer of 2011, TSC, with the tremendous support and partnership of SFPC, renovated the outdoor Wooden O Amphitheatre in the north section of the park. 

TSC produced two large Shakespeare productions of Macbeth in the fall and The Tempest in the spring of 2012.  Both productions were artistic, box office, and popular successes.



This pilot season having proved that a “Shakespeare in the Park” series could flourish and provide for a uniquely positive partnership between the two organizations, the current tasks include field surveys and cost analyses for bringing basic infrastructure needs to the site.  The amphitheatre currently is without power and water.

Once this research is concluded and a cost estimate is established, the organizations will discuss how best to raise the needed funds to continue with the series.

In the meantime, TSC looks forward to returning to Shelby Farms Park and partnering with the extraordinary staff of the Conservancy.  Other local groups may continue using the space.  Rental information is available through Kate Phillips at SFPC (shelbyfarmspark.org).