The Groundlings:
TSC’s Volunteer Organization


Volunteer Extraordinaire Bernie McIlroy (left) presiding
over the Third Annual Gala's record-setting night with
Broadway composer Charles Strouse.

“What is the city but the people?”
- Coriolanus

At Shakespeare’s Globe Playhouse, the “groundlings” paid 10% of their day’s wages to stand in the sun, hands on the stage, eager to hear every play they could afford.  They were the great energy and support of the theatre, and the actors loved them.

The Mission

The Groundlings is a volunteer group dedicated to the year-round promotion, support, and encouragement of Tennessee Shakespeare Company’s not-for profit theatre and education programming in the Mid-South.

The Vision

To provide the bridge between classical theatre/education and our community's yearning for self-expression, cultural ownership, and personal discovery.

The Values

The Groundlings vision necessitates dedication, dutifulness, and forward thinking.  It is intended that we embrace this vision with the following values uppermost in our thoughts and actions:

  • We believe that artistic expression uplifts the human spirit;
  • We believe that innovation and creativity are a natural unfolding in every individual at every age;
  • We believe in exploring, enjoying, and protecting our natural environment;
  • We believe in leading productive lives in our community;
  • We believe in extending kindness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm;
  • We believe that personal responsibility and respect for others are integral to pursuing a common goal;
  • We believe in open, honest, and regular communication;
  • We believe that well-intentioned mistakes are opportunities to learn;
  • We believe that present acknowledgment of personal accomplishment encourages future success;
  • We believe that the successful interplay of volunteers' responsibilities ensures a comfortable atmosphere in which to dream, plan, and express.


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