Playshop at Harding Academy

Shakespeare was a PLAYwright, he wrote PLAYS for PLAYers to perform in PLAYhouses! TSC encourages your students to experience Shakespeare as the Elizabethans did: with dancing, fighting, music, collaboration, and wordPLAY!

TSC Teaching Artists move Shakespeare's stories and language off the page and into the hearts, bodies, voices, and imaginations of your students. Watch students transform from quietly reading Shakespeare's stories at their desks to actively speaking and physically playing them on their feet. Allow your students to discover why Shakespeare needs to be PLAYed.

TSC's Education Team can work with your school to craft a unique Playshop experience for your students. Playshops can be centered on the Shakespeare play of your choice, TSC's upcoming production, or be non-play specific. What better way to offer your students an invaluable, life-long, personal connection to Shakespeare and his language?

The cost of one 50-minute playshop with a TSC teaching artist is $150.00 for a maximum capacity of 30 students.

Click here for a list of available Playshop Sessions and their descriptions.

What students and teachers are saying about TSC Playshops:

I'm sure that none of us will ever look at it [Shakespeare] the same way again! When you got us onto our feet acting, we were drawn into the story - and we adored it! For the rest of the afternoon and the next day, my friends and I raved about it. We have a passion for Shakespeare, thanks to you.
-Isabel Azar, sixth grade student, Westminster Academy
[Playing] was definitely more fun than reading the play because becoming a player made the play relatable and easier to understand. I learned that I have a lot in common with [Shakespeare's] characters. Shakespeare doesn't seem as archaic as I previously perceived him. The different activities showed me that Shakespeare was instead ahead of his time.
- Tiara Baker, Christian Brother's University
Incredible! I wasn't sure my students would want to participate, but they absolutely loved it. They could not stop talking about it!
- Kim Tucker, Germantown High School
There's no way I could have been as effective as you were in introducing Shakespeare.
- Karissa Steward, Riverdale Elementary School

For more information, or to book your Playshop,
please contact the TSC Education Department at
901-759-0604 or

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