The Romeo and Juliet Project


What is The Romeo and Juliet Project?

This nationally-acclaimed residency uses Romeo and Juliet, its characters, and its many pivotal decision moments as tools for Freshman students to imagine and rehearse life-saving choices in the face of armed violence, peer pressure, prejudice, and inadequate guidance. Working in concert with educators, TSC teaching-artists interweave these strategically-placed sessions, creating a positive and enthusiastic first impression of Shakespeare through students playing the play. During The Romeo and Juliet Project every freshman class receives three visits from TSC Teaching-Artists. Over the course of three sessions, students develop language to articulate their feelings, gain greater empathy and compassion for one another, and explore life-saving methods of non-violent conflict resolution. Thus far, this experience has moved the text off the page and created an active encounter with the play for over 13,000 students.

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How Can I Get Involved?

You can help ensure our success in the classroom by becoming a Project Sponsor. Your sponsorship helps fund this exciting outreach endeavor, further guaranteeing that no student or school will EVER have to pay to participate. As our "thank you," your minimum sponsorship of $50.00 entitles you to receive an exclusive Romeo and Juliet Project T-Shirt. Sizes are limited, so hurry for best selection!



What students and teachers are saying about TSC's Romeo and Juliet Project:

"I can't believe how into it the students are. They're really going beneath the surface and getting to the issues in this play. The way TSC teachers highlight how the story relates to the students' lives is amazing. What TSC is doing is amazing. The whole project is just amazing!"
- Barb Gelb, Director of Education & Outreach, ArtsMemphis
"This is the most enjoyable class ever. I wish you could teach the entire play!"
- Freshman English Student, Bartlett High School
"Because my students had the privilege to watch the actors in action, the play truly came alive for them during our subsequent reading of the play. The program has benefitted countless students, and I sincerely hope that it can continue its impact."
- Morgan Byrd, Freshman English Teacher, Bartlett High School


For more information, please contact the TSC Education Department at or (901) 759-0620

Tennessee Shakespeare Company's The Romeo and Juliet Project is generously sponsored in part by our friends and tremendous community partners Shakespeare in American Communities, FedEx, International Paper, the Tennessee Arts Commission, Sara Savell, Milton T. Schaeffer, and The Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund. 


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