The Groundlings need your expertise, your volunteerism, and your good ideas.  You can be so valuable to this regional effort to bring professional Shakespeare performance, education, and training programming to the Mid-South.

Ultimately, you will be the “be all and the end all” as our supportive audience member.  But we have work to do first in order to get you into your seat!  Are you a people-person?  Are your organizational skills envied by all?  Do you just like to play in the woods, and think a "clean up the park day" is something for you?


How We Play

The Groundlings leadership meets monthly to organize ushers, plan parties, create special opportunities for the company members and other Groundlings, and spread the word about TSC performances and Summer Camps with posters and fliers all over Memphis.

More Than Thanks!

Tennessee Shakespeare Company appreciates every volunteer and the time and good ideas you bring to the company as it grows.  In addition to genuine thanks from the Board of Directors, casts, and staff of TSC, every volunteer receives:

* A complimentary ticket to the current or next production,

* In addition to being the first to see the show at an invitation-only final dress rehearsal.

* There are also parties, special private event invitations, more parties, and the chance to connect to other people in your community who are excited to bring professional, classical theatre to the Mid-South.


Join the Fun!

Recently, the Groundlings hung posters all over the greater-Memphis area recruited and organized Ushers for TSC's outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet.  Groundlings were there to welcome the Romeo and Juliet actors to town with a dinner party, help with Opening Night celebrations, and enjoy preview performances and picnics.

As TSC prepares for the Shakespeare Summer Camps , possible areas of interest for Groundlings activities may include: Ushering, Special Events, Auction Procurement, Postering, Actor Care, IT Assistance, General Interest, and any of your good ideas that we haven't thought of yet!  Just let us know what you are interested in, and we'll find a place for you to plug in to Tennessee Shakespeare Company.

Read More about the different Committees, or Apply Now to join the fun!

Questions?  Contact Laura Daniels at