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Playshop at Harding Academy

Shakespeare was a PLAYwright, he wrote PLAYS for PLAYers to perform in PLAYhouses! TSC encourages your students to experience Shakespeare as the Elizabethans did: with dancing, fighting, music, collaboration, and wordPLAY!

TSC Teaching Artists move Shakespeare's stories and language off the page and into the hearts, bodies, voices, and imaginations of your students. Watch students transform from quietly reading Shakespeare's stories at their desks to actively speaking and physically playing them on their feet. Allow your students to discover why Shakespeare needs to be PLAYed.

TSC's Education Team can work with your school to craft a unique Playshop experience for your students. Playshops can be centered on the Shakespeare play of your choice, TSC's upcoming production, or be non-play specific. What better way to offer your students an invaluable, life-long, personal connection to Shakespeare and his language?

The cost of one 50-minute playshop with a TSC teaching artist is $150.00 for a maximum capacity of 30 students.

Click here for a list of available Playshop Sessions and their descriptions.

What students and teachers are saying about TSC Playshops:

I'm sure that none of us will ever look at it [Shakespeare] the same way again! When you got us onto our feet acting, we were drawn into the story - and we adored it! For the rest of the afternoon and the next day, my friends and I raved about it. We have a passion for Shakespeare, thanks to you.
-Isabel Azar, sixth grade student, Westminster Academy
[Playing] was definitely more fun than reading the play because becoming a player made the play relatable and easier to understand. I learned that I have a lot in common with [Shakespeare's] characters. Shakespeare doesn't seem as archaic as I previously perceived him. The different activities showed me that Shakespeare was instead ahead of his time.
- Tiara Baker, Christian Brother's University
Incredible! I wasn't sure my students would want to participate, but they absolutely loved it. They could not stop talking about it!
- Kim Tucker, Germantown High School
There's no way I could have been as effective as you were in introducing Shakespeare.
- Karissa Steward, Riverdale Elementary School

For more information, or to book your Playshop,
please contact the TSC Education Department at
901-759-0604 or Education@TnShakespeare.org

To view TSC's page on the Tennessee Arts Commission website for Ticket Subsidy and State Funding, click hereTo view available grants, click here.



You Can Make an Education Difference


Pictured (left to right):  Dan McCleary with Chip, Barbara, Virginia, and John Apperson

If you would like to help TSC move the arts closer to the center of every child's learning experience, please:

1. Write a personal letter about your experience as a participant in one of TSC's education programs or as an audience member to:

Tennessee Shakespeare Company
P.O. Box 382143
Germantown, TN 38183-2143

2. Make a contribution to the Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund by clicking on the 'Donate Now' button on the right-hand side of your browser margin, and help us bring as many children as possible to Shakespeare:


The Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund
Bringing as Many Children to Shakespeare as Possible

The Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund (established in 2008 by her loving children Chip, John, and Virginia pictured above) serves as our annual Education Fund to ensure as many Mid-South children as possible can participate in our expanding Education Program.  Specifically, the Angel Fund:

  • Underwrites Free Will Thursday Kids Nights during our productions; allowing Children aged 17 and younger to see one performance per week free of charge when accompanied by a guardian;
  • Supplements ticket prices and transportation for special morning matinees and post-show discussions of our productions for middle and high school students;
  • Supplements costs associated with in-school Shakespeare Playshops and Residencies throughout the Mid-South;
  • Made possible the launch of Shakespeare Play Camps in summer 2015: multiple indoor/outdoor camps of Renaissance imagination for students ages 4-18; 

TSC's The Taming of the Shrew  (2014)
Pictured (left to right):  David Rhea (multi-year veteran of TSC's Young Players Training Intensive) and Brian Sheppard




Click this link to watch a brief, inspiring report from our friends at Action News 5 about our 3-Day Residency at Westwood High School!

What is a Residency?

A Residency is more than one master class or playshop. We come to you with a playful and enlightening curriculum of progression that encourages students to learn on their feet. Through multiple sessions, participants will build a theatrical foundation of physical, vocal, and textual vocabulary, allowing them to form an artistic community for the purpose of enjoying and creating classical theatre.

Building Your Residency

TSC will work with you and your school to craft a curriculum and determine the appropriate number of sessions and teaching artists needed to bring Shakespeare to life for your students.

A residency consists of a minimum of three sessions with the same group of students. A residency can happen in consecutive days or over consecutive weeks, however best accommodates your schedule and curriculum. For pricing, each "Day" of residency constitutes one 50-minute interactive Playshop with one group of up to 30 students.

3-Day Residency: $375*
5-Day Residency: $550*
10-Day Residency: $950*

* Plus $50/day for each day/session that requires an additional Teaching Artist (Stage Combat, Dance, etc).  

Click here for more information and to view sample residency sessions

What students and teachers are saying about TSC Residencies:

I think I'm learning more than other students in this school just because I'm hearing Shakespeare.
- 2009 Residency Participant, Soulsville Charter School
Being an English major, and reading and referencing [Romeo and Juliet] hundreds of times, the facts had never been conveyed to me and with such evidence and clarity before. Interacting as a player with the play versus reading it forces one to pay attention to detail and certain aspects that one never would while reading. You guys made Shakespeare come to life in the 21st century and you did it with such love and passion. The experience is a priceless one!
- Larissa Redmond, Graduate Student, Christian Brothers University
The students were truly inspired, and the love of the Great Bard's words has only deepened more throughout our hallowed halls. You are a true gift to our city and the young minds that you are embracing.
- Leigh Mansberg, Teacher, St. Mary's Episcopal School

To begin crafting your residency, please contact
the TSC Education Department at 901-759-0604 or Education@TnShakespeare.org

To view TSC's page on the Tennessee Arts Commission website for Ticket Subsidy and State Funding, click hereTo view available grants, click here.

Student Matinee Series


All Matinees begin at 10:00 a.m.

Each show runs approximately 2 hours, including a post-show actor talk back.

Student tickets are $10. Teachers and chaperones are admitted FREE.


    To Kill a Mockingbird

adapted from Harper Lee by Christopher Sergel

"The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience."

TKAM imageThe American classic that fought prejudice with integrity, courage, and a child's compassion proved bigger than Monroeville, Alabama, the American south, and the United States.  With healing power and loving humor, Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is here adapted, with her approval, for the modern professional stage in a world that has yet to take all of her life lessons to heart.  As poetic as it is prophetic, To Kill A Mockingbird and its literary icons Atticus Finch, Scout, Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, and Mayella Ewell offer hope and democracy to a hurting humanity. 

DATE:       September 22, 28, & 30
VENUE:    The Hutchison School, 1740 Ridgeway Road, Memphis 38119


    Much Ado About Nothing

      by William Shakespeare 

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you – is not that strange?”

Decked to delight in tuxedoes and gowns, these holiday revelers merry-make with one of the most popular comedies in the English language. 

much ado title resizeNow returning from their victorious war in the trenches, the officers enter the Dixon armed only with cocktails.  The ladies they return to prove more of a challenge than that on the battlefield.  World-weary Benedick and gallant Claudio encompass sharp-tongued Beatrice and fair Hero with altogether different romances – the one in denial and the other aflame.  High spirits play out in the Dixon masque as youthful passions run riot, lovers are deceived, and eternal bliss is threatened – though not before domestic tranquility wins out with the disassembled help of constable Dogberry and his faithful Watch. 

DATE:       December 9, 13, & 14
VENUE:    The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 4339 Park Ave., Memphis, 38117


What students and teachers are saying about TSC's Student Matinees:

I don't believe there could be any performing arts company that could satisfy my love for the arts any better than the Tennessee Shakespeare Company.
- Caitlyn Knot, 11th Grade, Middle College High School
My students were on the edge of their seats. I enjoyed watching them as much as I enjoyed watching the performers! It is imperative that students are given good first experiences with Shakespeare. So often they are turned off by having to simply read the plays, or they see less than stellar performances. My students were entranced, delighted, and asking for more.
- Ann Lane Neal, Director of Theatre Arts, St. Agnes Academy
Many of my students, who had expressed trepidation in understanding Shakespeare, were surprised to find that they not only understood but also enjoyed the play.
- Janelle Phipps, English Teacher, Harding Academy
I don't want my comments to seem hyperbolic—but my students and I feel that this was the richest literary experience we have ever had.
- Julia Goodwin, English Teacher, Bartlett HS

 TSC's Romeo and Juliet Student Matinee Actor Talkback  

For more information or to book your students,
please contact the TSC Education Department at
Education@TnShakespeare.org or (901) 759-0620

To view TSC's page on the Tennessee Arts Commission website for Ticket Subsidy and State Funding, click hereTo view available grants, click here.

Reduced pricing is made possible in part by TSC's Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: Titles, dates, times and locations are subject to change.