Welcome to TSC’s Eighth Season:

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William Shakespeare was likely 52 years old when he died, on the same month and day on which he was born, April 23, 1616.  We commemorate the 400th anniversary of his passing with our eighth season-celebration of plays, readings, Salons, feasts, and extensive programming for children and teenagers in the Memphis area.
One of the mysteries of Shakespeare’s life that we embrace is his innovative development of Redemption as a theme.  He ends his playwriting career with his characters awash in it.  What prompted him to seek salvation from error or evil in his literary families and on his battlefields?  Was it strictly scholarship?  Was it personal, spiritual, or humanitarian?
At his most moving and surprising, William Shakespeare explores the power of Redemption and her attending angels: Grace, Forgiveness, and Heroism.
In each play and event this season, you can experience 52 years of the surprising man who indeed is “for all time.”  Whether s/he is his noble Caius Martius Coriolanus, the young healer Helena, thoughtful kings Henry V and Richard II, the duplicitous fat knight Falstaff, or our Salon headliners Harper Lee (a woman well ahead of her time) and Ernest Hemingway (a man racing against time), Shakespeare and our writers reveal Redemption as central to our humanity on Earth.
We celebrate the man who articulated the theme for us, and from whom we have had the language to speak its power for the past 400-plus years.
Please join us,
Dan McCleary
Founder and Producing Artistic Director