"I have touched the highest point of all my greatness"
- King Henry VIII

For serious actors 18-27, this two-week intensive training opportunity will bring you into the world of Tennessee Shakespeare Company’s classical playing of Shakespeare. TSC actor-teachers lead you through a rigorous process that will help you build upon essential acting techniques while taking personal ownership of Shakespeare’s text.  Develop your craft through sessions in Scene Play, Text Work, Soliloquy, Stage Combat, and Elizabethan Movement & Dance.  Explore the Elizabethan tradition of “found spaces” for theatrical expression and the challenge and fun of working with Shakespeare’s language in a variety of environments, both inside and out. All work is performance-based, culminating in a community performance for friends and family.

Age for participants: 18-27.

Dates: July 7 - 18, 2014

Perfect attendance is required. Admission is limited to 16 participants. Housing must be personally arranged and is not the responsibility of TSC.

Cost: $500.

What our Young Company had to say about the experience:

It's two weeks of getting to know your self through Shakespeare. It's finding your strengths and building them. It's finding your weakness and making it your strength. It's having fun with people who are passionate about their craft. It's heart-work.
- Edna Dinwiddie, 22 years old
The attention that every actor received was perfect. Each of us was challenged at our current level and received what we needed most.
- Jason Gerhard, 23 years old
The most beneficial acting experience of my life; I have gained more in two weeks than I have in 3 years in college.
- Adam Maldanado, 21 years old

Click the image below to watch a slideshow of the inaugural Young Company

Pictured (left to right): Edna Dinwiddie and Lena Wallace

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