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 Mid-South Schools Tour: Shakespeare's Greatest Hits

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Surprise your students with how much Shakespeare they already know and speak!  Then watch their self-esteem soar.  This engaging panoply of essential scenes, soliloquies, sonnets, and songs is a delightful primer to the words, phrases, and characters your students will love experiencing in context.   Two courageous actors take on all the major roles.  Your students take on the rest.  A thrilling time is had by all!

Dates:   September 2016 - June 2017
Venue:   In YOUR School!  Touring Tennessee, across the Mid-South, and throughout the Southeast. 

The show runs 45-minutes, followed by a 10-minute actor talk back.

Performance Space:  To play, we require approximately a 20’ wide by 15’ deep space for the performance.  We also require 12’ in ceiling height and that the students be seated at least 8’ away from the playing space. No lighting or sound is needed. Our actors will bring everything they require with them. No stage or elevation is required, so we can play in a variety of spaces. Though we do not require a stage or raised playing space, please ensure the chosen performance area has good visibility for your audience.

Material is suitable for all ages.   

Schools Tour: Romeo and Juliet


This urgent 90-minute performance of Shakespeare's funniest and most heartbreaking play will leave you breathless. Nine intrepid professional actors create rage-filled Verona using your imagination and Shakespeare's brilliant words. Experience the good-intentioned but miscarried actions and decisions that bring this story to its catastrophic end. 

Dates:   September - December 2016
Venue:   In YOUR School!  Touring the Greater Memphis Area

The show runs 90-minutes, followed by a 10-minute actor talk back.

Performance Space:  This production requires a space AT LEAST 15' in diameter.  No stage or elevation is required, so we can play in a variety of spaces.

Material is suitable for all ages.  

What students and teachers are saying about TSC's School Tours:

What an awesome experience. I got so much feedback from students and teachers that it was 'the highlight of the year.'
- Michele Sabatier, teacher, St. Joseph School, Greenville, MS
Moving, authentic performances! The quality of the productions is unmatched in this area. My students will never claim Shakespeare is irrelevant again!!
- April Murphy, teacher, Collierville Connection Homeschool Group
I didn't have to find chaperones. I didn't have to order buses or lunches. It was the most convenient, perfect 'field trip' for the kids and me. TSC is gracious, pleasant and perfectly Shakespearean.
- Abby Cardwell, teacher, Snowden School

TSC's 2014-15 Mid-South Schools Tour: Shakespeare Said It!
Pictured: Crash Buist and Rachel Brun

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Reduced pricing is made possible in part by TSC's Barbara B. Apperson Angel Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: Titles and dates are subject to change.