Tennessee Shakespeare Company
Los Angeles AEA and Non-AEA Principal Auditions
For reading of developing musical, Midsummer Night

Title and Production Date:
Midsummer Night: June 22-27, 2015
One reading as part of Showplace Memphis: Musical Works in Progress, produced by NYC's Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

Call Types:
Equity Auditions for singers who can read music and harmonize quickly for performance readings. Performers must also be comfortable with a contemporary portrayal of Shakespeare text. All ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. Non-Equity performers will be seen only once all Equity performers have been scheduled and seen.

Midsummer Night, composed by Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda (Striking 12, Sleeping Beauty Wakes) is a rollicking rethinking of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in a rock festival. Rock stars Titania and Oberon quarrel, rock assistant Puck creates havoc and roadie Bottom gets a chance to shine. Live music, glow sticks, and power chords! This audition is for a six-day developmental workshop with one reading in Memphis, TN. It is being presented by Theatrical Rights Worldwide in partnership with Tennessee Shakespeare Company and the University of Memphis. Director: Janet Roston. Music Director: Ryan O'Connell.

Dates of Auditions:
Monday, March 30
9:00 am: Audition monitor begins sign-up
10:00 am: Auditions begin
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: Lunch Break
6:00 pm: End of auditions

Tuesday, March 31
9:30 am: Auditions by appointment
1:30 pm: End of auditions

Wednesday, April 1
9:30 am: Auditions by appointment
1:30 pm: End of auditions

Friday, April 3
9:00 am: Callbacks begin
4:00 pm: End of Callbacks

Audition location:
Madilyn Clark Studios
10852 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 506-7763

To request a 5-minute audition, go on-line to actorsaccess.com, backstage.com, or email [email protected]

Director Janet Roston and Music Director Ryan O'Connell (for most). A monitor will be provided.

Prepare to sing 32 bars from an up-tempo rock song and 32 bars from a rock ballad. Bring photo/resume, please.

SPT Tier 7
AEA: $476.00
Non-AEA: $300.00
Performers will be provided with round-trip flight to Memphis, plus housing.

PUCK, Male, early to late 20's, tenor or lyric baritone. Chest voice to F, head voice (or belt, if you've got it) comfortably to the A above. Light, fey, mischievous, with a sense of fun in everything he does.

PUCK, Female, early to mid 20's. Alto who can belt to a C#. A female circus performer/musician who travels with the festival and is slavishly devoted to Oberon.

OBERON, Male, mid-30's to late-40's. Rock bari-tenor, belt to an F# or G. An aging bad boy rock star, he's seen it all. Currently in a feud with Titania.

TITANIA, Female, mid 20's to mid-30's. Rock alto, belt to a C. A more recent rock star, she's a cosmic diva. Recently out of love with Oberon.

LYSANDER, Male, 18 to mid-20's. Bari-Tenor, decent falsetto, belt to an F. College-aged hipster, hormonally-driven and eloquent, eloping with Hermia.

HELENA, Female, 18 to mid-20's. Soprano. A hipster, tall and dreamy, still stuck on Demetrius.

Tennessee Shakespeare Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.